Benefits of Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Tired of attending various ineffective exercise programs to lose weight? Yoga is considered as an excellent way in losing weight as well as keeping your body in shape. It is recommended to lose weight slowly, thus, there are various programs which use yoga poses for weight loss. Yoga has been known for various programs which offer health benefits such as muscle toning and weight loss. Yoga Asan is the pose which is designed for weight loss that focuses on posture.

Yoga poses such as dog pose and bridge pose focuses on arms and legs toning wherein both poses will perform face up and down position. Yoga is considered a way to achieve balance through uniting the mind and body with the spirit, thus, the weight loss in performing yoga is just one of the numerous benefits which are good for our health and well-being.

Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

yoga poses for weight loss

  • Sun Salutations- This is considered as the best warm up when you are starting yoga. This pose is designed to improve flexibility as well as clearing your mind in order for you to focus on the workout.
  • Shoulder Stand- This pose revitalizes other parts of your body that can help in your weight loss. When doing this pose, you need to perform it with utmost care to avoid discomfort in the neck.
  • Bow Pose- This pose creates heat in your body that will burn your fat. In this pose, the body parts that are mostly worked out are the chest and pelvis during your stretching. To avoid discomfort, people who have back problems and beginners may need to modify this pose.
  • Tree Pose- This kind of pose need focus on clear mind as it aids strength and balance on your legs through holding the pose for a minute on each side. You can put your foot down slowly and then return to your pose if you are experiencing a loss in balance while doing the pose.
  • Forward Bend- This pose is great for spine and stretching hamstrings as well as regulating your kidneys. This pose is considered as a healing pose as it will aid stress or pain.

Additional yoga poses for weight loss

For the abdominal muscles, the yoga poses include the abdominal lift, naval move, child pose, Baat pose, cobra pose, spinal twist, yogic seal pose and the wind releasing pose. However, if you want to tone your legs and arms, you need to focus on these poses such as the tree pose, butterfly pose, hero pose, advanced wind releasing pose, dog pose with both face up and down, triangle pose, bridge pose, sun solute, swinging lotus pose, squat and rinse pose and celibacy pose. But if you want to tighten your chest muscle you can perform these yoga poses which include the beat pose, dog pose, lumbar wheel pose, triangle pose, spinal twist and hero pose.

There are various factors that need to be considered when you are planning to lose weight, first and foremost is the exercise, and along with the exercise is the transition into a healthier lifestyle which means that you will watch what you are eating. If you are still continuing your bad eating habits while performing the mentioned exercises, chances are your hard work will not pay off. Healthy eating means controlling your meals.

In addition to the healthier eating habits, you can also consider having a steamy bath which helps reduce stress. You need to remember that stress is considered as one of the various factors in the fight against excess weight. Further, you need also to keep hydrated during your workout as well as the nutrients and minerals that we can get from water.

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